Faces of Europe on Tour CARSTEN SANDER

Join me as I capture the essence of Europe’s identity! 1000 Portraits / 1000 Storys to tell

Having completed the photo art project “HEIMAT. Germany – Your Faces,” I, CARSTEN SANDER, embarked on an exhilarating quest to explore the identity of a diverse community. This journey took me through 27 European countries, encompassing over 447 million inhabitants, with my project “Faces Of Europe.” During this incredible venture, I had the opportunity to portray 1000 faces, each representing a unique story and identity. This endeavor was not just about photography; it was a passionate endeavor to symbolize integration and humanity. It stood as a powerful statement advocating for human rights, shared values, and the peaceful coexistence of diverse communities.


THE BOOK “Faces Of Europe”

After traveling the winding roads of Europe in a humble camper van, amidst challenging times, I set out to capture the essence of European diversity through 1,000 powerful portrait photographs.

My lens didn’t discriminate; it sought individuals from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds, spanning generations and socio-economic statuses. From celebrities to female politicians, athletes to chance encounters on bustling streets, each found their place in my ambitious project. They stand united as equals within the pages of my compelling book.

In this visually captivating masterpiece, I present evocative photographs. But I aimed for more than mere visuals; I sought to grant voices to my subjects—allowing them to share their narratives through print and audiovisual mediums. Behind every portrait lies a stirring story, accessible interactively via the augmented reality app “getbaff.”

Dive into this immersive experience; expect compelling films and interviews where I engage with the citizens of each EU country. These vignettes offer profound insights and perspectives gleaned from my extensive travels, enriching the interactive allure of the book. Join me in exploring the impressions and encounters from my transformative journey across Europe.